At-Home Body Weight Workouts For Just $1 Per Month

(The 1st system that allows you to create thousands of different workouts.)


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(Normally $47 Per Month)
*Huge Sale Because Everybody Deserves To Feel Amazing*

5 Minute Body Weight Workouts That You Can Stack Together Like Legos To Make Endless Combinations So You Never Get Bored And Always Get A Great Workout No Matter Where You Are.  

Easy As 1, 2, 3

  • Step 1: Open any device that's connected to the internet (phone, tablet, computer, tv, etc...)
  • Step 2: Select your workout - pick from Core Metabolic, Upper Body, Lower Body or Total Body
  • Step 3: Stack the 5 minute workouts any way that you like to exercise for a certain amount of time or to emphasize a certain part of your body.
Example 1:  Stack 1 Total Body, 1 Lower Body, 1 Upper Body and 1 Core Metabolic workout for a 20 minute total body workout.

Example 2:  Stack 1 Core Metabolic, 1 Total Body, 1 Core Metabolic (Repeat 2X) for a 30 minute workout focused on the core

Example 3:  Stack 2 Lower Body, 1 Upper Body, 1 Total Body and 1 Core Metabolic (Repeat 2X) for a 50 minute workout focused on lower body


(Normally $47 Per Month)

The combinations are nearly endless and it's SO easy!

This workout is for YOU.

We have 4 types of workouts.  Core Metabolic, Upper Body, Lower Body, and Total Body.  Each of these fitness workouts were developed with your unique needs in mind: Quick workout, 20 minute workout, 30 minute workout, literally any length you want.  You can combine them as we suggest in the manual or any way your heart desires.

Awesome people unite.

Yep, That's our Community.
When you have a question, need to share your struggle or just need a helping hand—you will find it in the Altman Fitness (#altmanstrong) community. These are some of the smartest, kindest, most genuine people you will ever know. They have been through it or are going through it right now and are at the ready to help.  You will love the community and they will love you back.  No judgement EVER.

Anytime. Anywhere.

We are winning anyway we can. EVERYDAY.
All workouts are 5-minutes or more, all are online, and all are available 24/7. All you need is wifi and a tiny bit of desire or willpower to get started.  Getting started is the only thing you need to do.
We take care of the rest, we know you're busy and overloaded already.
We've made it easy to fit something in anytime and anywhere. :-)

  • At-Home Workouts:  Safely workout at home, at the office or while away on a trip
  • Body Weight:  You do not need any equipment to get a fantastic workout
  • Thousands Of Combinations: Your imagination is the only thing limiting how many types of workouts you can do
  • All NEW Workouts Added: NEW workouts are being added over time so the options grow even more
  • BEST VALUE:  3 pennies per day is all it takes (you can probably find that hiding in the couch cushions at home)

*Only $1 Per Month*

(Normally $47 Per Month)

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*Only equipment needed is a common bath towel and a common chair

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